Signs that make a Difference!


Sign Guru has been a leader in the Calgary portable sign rental industry offering digitally printed full color portable signage over the last few years.

We have taken our knowledge and applied it to an array of sign products. We now offer large format printing on numerous vinyls and substrates for projects that range from small to large.
Large format printing has changed a great deal over the last few years with the biggest change being a reduction in the cost of a printer combined with an increase in quality. We can now produce an amazing product at rates better then that of 3 years ago. It is not often that cost go down in this day and age rather than up.
Some of Our


Graphics Design

As they say, First Impression Counts. Most of the time, first impression potential clients have on your business comes from your advertising signs and business appearance. People tend to gravitate towards businesses who look polished, who look experienced. And a little attention to detail on your advertising or business signs can make the difference in how many clients you can convince to do business with you.

Brochure Design

Brochures are a simple but great way to advertise your business. Their main purpose to give out information about the products and services your business has to offer. Plus its extremely portable, people can hold it in their hands and read it as they move along or they can put it aside somewhere – maybe in their bag or their pockets, and read it later when they have the time.

Sign Consultation

Don’t know what type of sign you need? Well, we offer a wide range of signage and we would be happy to walk you through all of them in search for the perfect sign for you. For either your business advertising purposes or personal presentations or both, we certainly have a sign for you.


Digitally printed images have a life expectance for at least 24 months. Other knock-off signs use low end inks that only last for less than a year before it fades and cracks. This gives OUR customers a greater profit margin on their signs due to their quality and durability.
With our in house graphic design department we can create your design within 24 hours and then deliver your end product 24 hours after you sign off on the design work (some conditions apply).